• Fill out the SSCOR SSPORTS! College Basketball Pick’em entry form and pick the correct winner/answer for each of the listed games/questions)! Click here for the current College Basketball Pick’em form.
  • Enter no later than 8:00 PM (PST) Wednesday before the games start to be eligible. (The new form for the next week’s games will be changed Monday at 9:30 am PST)
  • Once your form is correctly submitted online you will receive a confirmation email followed shortly by an email containing your SSCOR SSPORTS! College Basketball Pick’em SSCORCARD. (A copy of your College Basketball pick’em entry with all your picks).


You will now be entered to win the College Basketball Pick’em prize!

  • Should there be a tie, the entry with earliest time stamp for the College Basketball Pick’em will be the winner.
  • Limit of one College Basketball Pick’em entry per person.                                

Click here for the Official Rules


  • The total number of correct selections will be your score for the SSCOR SSPORTS College Basketball Pick’em.
  • The person who submits the highest number of correct answers is the SSCOR SSPORTS! College Basketball Pick’em winner.


Click the SSCOR SSPORTS! button below and fill out the form to play each week!


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