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SSCOR DCell Suction unit



The SSCOR DCell Suction is the world’s first and only full-size portable suction device powered by off-the-shelf D Cell alkaline batteries. Designed for use in medical disasters or situations where there is an extended loss of power, the DCell Suction unit allows hospitals to maintain high quality suction even when the lights go out.


Benefits of D Cell alkaline battery-powered suction include: 

  • High-quality suction even when AC power is not available.
  • Powered by off-the-shelf D Cell alkaline batteries that can be stored for years and are readily available in the community.
  • Long-lasting suction capabilities: the DCell can run for extended periods without the need to recharge. After batteries are depleted they can be repeatedly replaced in minutes to run the DCell indefinitely.
  • No need to take the DCell out of service for charging: the unit can run on off-the-shelf D Cell alkaline batteries.  
  • Unit can be stored for extended periods of time and be deployed to provide hours of suctioning time when needed.


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